Use the Tee Box to Keep More Balls In Play

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Golf is full of examples of cause and effect that are counter-intuitive to many players.  For example, many players try to lift or help the ball into the air when you really need to "Hit down on the ball to get it up in the air."  Players who tend to slice the ball, (we'll use right-handers in this example) are so tired of going right, they do everything they can think of to try and help the ball go left.  They stand left, aim left, swing moving the club to the left (imparting even more slice spin on the ball) and then end up with the ball in the rough or woods on the right.  Here is a tip that has nothing to do with your swing but will help keep more balls in play.  If you are a right-handed slicer, tee your ball up on the far right-hand side of the teeing ground close to the right hand tee marker.  Aim where you would, usually the left side of the fairway in case you hit it straight.  By playing from the right-hand side of the tee-box, you change the angle of where your ball starts and finishes and your slice will stay in play more often.  These instructions can be reversed for a left-handed player or a player who tends to hook the ball.  Of course, the logical alternative is to fix what is causing your slice.  Call Don at 902-452-4515 to set up a lesson.